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Get found on Google SEO service Get found on Google SEO service

FACT: The best web design in the world isn’t going to matter if your target audience can’t find you.

The best way to get customers on your site is to have an effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. Going it alone isn’t easy. There is a lot to learn and a lot of time needs to be spent in order to implement an effective strategy. Not to mention the extra 'secrets' and 'pitfalls' you'll have to stumble across to get the rankings that you desire. Search Engine Optimisation is Website Angels' strength.

It’s much easier and more cost effective to hire a talented and experienced SEO company. We offer a comprehensive array of top-quality SEO services, and our SEO approach makes us stand out in a big way.

How it works?

We like to get to know businesses inside and out before we quote you for SEO. It's important to understand the customers you're after before we can create a strategy that will suit your busines. This service is not a one-size-fits-all approach and takes time to implement and to take effect. So really, the best time to start is NOW!

Something to think about:

Be wary of design companies that guarantee 1st page results because no-one can guarantee 1st page results unless you are GOOGLE!

There are many things to consider when searching for the right SEO company for you:

  1. Where is the work being conducted?
    • If you are outsourcing, ask where the work is going? If you're looking at a company that outsources to other countries then consider how you can contact them if there are any issues, will they consider that some things can get lost in translation, do they have local knowledge and do they know what type of customers your business needs?
  2. What are they guaranteeing?
    • Yes they can guarantee 1st page results but how many keywords will they focus on, how long will you stay on the top pages, do they follow up and re-optimise your keywords if it starts slipping?
  3. Price?
    • Some companies will charge a one off fee to optimise your site while other companies will charge you an ongoing rate. Weigh up the pros and cons. Some things to consider are keyword maintenance, that is once it's up in the rankings, how long will it stay there? You will need to ensure that your keywords don't slip down the rankings.

The way search engine optimisation (SEO) services differ is in the knowledge and commitment of the people in the company. They need to have the ability to think creatively i.e. keyword ideas and a structured technical approach to implement the strategy. Without the combination of both, a top search engine optimisation result can be difficult. The commitment side of search engine optimisation applies more to the link building and content. Links need to be submitted constantly and in a well planned way. While your on-page keywords need to guarantee audience attention. It can take months to know if the seo services you chose can deliver on their promises. So it is important to get in contact with a reliable search engine optimisation company, such as Website Angels, before you invest your time and money elsewhere.

Investment price

Please note: not all websites are created equal. Your website requirements may not fit into this example and may require more custom elements which will affect the investment. It is best to chat with us first and we can send you a proposal tailored for your project.

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