Testimonial Video Production

Testimonial Video Production Testimonial Video Production

Word-of-mouth is a powerful thing. You can promote until you turn blue but when it comes down to it, visitors will believe their peers over the business owner.

A lot of consumers turn to online reviews to determine whether or not a local business is reputable and worthy of their business. Testimonials videos are a great way to bring positive online reviews directly to your potential customers right on your website.

Client testimonial videos bring life and authenticity to your business in a way that quotes and text-based case studies just can’t compete with. Having clients talk about their personal experience with your product or service not only leaves a good impression on new visitors, but also builds trust by backing up the claims you make.

Typical Timeline for Testimonial Videos

Testimonial Video Pre-Production

Consulting — will meet with you to discuss your testimonial video needs and come up with creative ideas.

Video Question Research and Development — At this point our creative team will set to work on developing questions for the testimonial video based on the clients’ needs and the agreed upon theme.

Any Other Considerations — It is during video pre-production that all other considerations will be taken care of, including interview booking, and the acquisition and clearance rights.


Interviews — Any necessary interviews will be executed in this stage.

B-roll Shooting — This is the stage of where all of the supplemental (B-roll) video footage is shot with any necessary reenactments.

Directing — All directing, cinematography, sound production and lighting design takes place during this stage of the video production.

Post Production

Editing — editing and piecing together of footage happen during the post production stage. We also add in color correction, animation (of logos and titles), and adding sound and music.

Investment price

Video production investments can start at $950.

Please note: not all videos require the same production value. Your requirements may require more custom elements which will affect the investment such as script writing, voice overs, sound design and other special effects.

It is best to chat with us first and we can send you a proposal tailored for your project.

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