Website Promotional Videos

Website Promotional Videos Website Promotional Videos

Your own website video is the best way to communicate exactly what you and your business are all about. Imagine giving your potential customers personalised greetings that represent your company and the products or services you offer.

Personally introduce your business to
all your potential customers 24x7


How It Works

We’ll organise a meeting to go over your video objectives. We'll create a script so you have a clear understanding of what we will be filming. Some people like to speak freely without a script and that is absolutely fine. We'll work with you to create the best video possible.

Why It Works

You can present your proposition in seconds, drive advertising and marketing objectives, educate viewers on your products and services and make a greater sales impact.

People visiting your website have spent a lifetime gathering information and forming opinions through real human experiences. People don't truly connect with written words, and they don't identify with paid actors. Your potential customers will trust real people talking openly and honestly about their business. People like You.

Investment price

Video production investments can start at $950.

Please note: not all videos require the same production value. Your requirements may require more custom elements which will affect the investment such as script writing, voice overs, sound design and other special effects.

It is best to chat with us first and we can send you a proposal tailored for your project.

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