Youtube Video Production

Youtube Video Production Youtube Video Production

YouTube allows your video to be exposed to the second largest search engine (Google being the largest). So, it only makes sense to create videos to help viewers find you!

If you found this page, you know that there is unlimited value in creating engaging youtube videos. YouTube has emerged as an independent search destination where people look for information on just about anything. And just like Google, there are SEO best practices you need to utilize to build traffic from YouTube.

Video examples:

  1. Video Blogs (Vlogs)
  2. Promotional Videos
  3. Product Reviews
  4. Testimonial Videos about your business

We'll help you create YouTube videos that are highly targeted to your specific audience and show you how to easily make more videos in the future. We cater for those who are wanting a short intro to their channel and shoots, edits, uploads, captioning and SEO marketing.

Investment price

Video production investments can start at $950.

Please note: not all videos require the same production value. Your requirements may require more custom elements which will affect the investment such as script writing, voice overs, sound design and other special effects.

It is best to chat with us first and we can send you a proposal tailored for your project.

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